Lil Jumbl Hands-Free Baby Feeding System w/Exclusive, Patent Pending Improved Flow ' Made of 100% BPA-Free, Lead-Free Materials

The Biggest Innovation in Small Feeding

Lil Jumbl's flagship baby feeding system effectively reinvents the way you feed your little one. Exclusively designed following advice and guidance from leading pediatricians, this feeding system enables you to feed your baby in an upright (sitting) position rather than in a horizontal (laying down) position.

Superior, Patent Pending Flow Control

To take this innovation even further, we've added a patent pending, custom-designed vented disc at the point of connection to the bottle. The disc's machined holes allow for air to gently flow into the bottle while your baby draws on the nipple, making feeding smooth, uninterrupted and, most importantly, effortless.

Various Nipples = Personalized Comfort

Your purchase of the Lil Jumbl hands-free feeding system includes 3 sets of bottle nipples: 1 slow flow nipple, 1 medium flow nipple, and 1 regular flow nipple. Depending on your baby's age, feeding habits, oral dexterity, etc., you may find one nipple to be a better fit than the others.

Lil' Jumbl Bottle Featurtes

  • 1
    Innovative Feeder is Suited for Upright Feeding

    Helps Prevent Colic & Gas Buildup

  • 2
    Eases Baby's Intake of Liquids

    Helps to Prevent Reflux as well as Ear Infections

  • 3
    PATENT PENDING Exclusively Designed Vented Disc

    Improves Flow of Air & Liquids

  • 4
    Compact, Lightweight Design

    Makes for Perfect Feeding System When Traveling

  • 5
    Available in Single or Double 4-Ounce & 10-Ounce Bottle Packs

    Perfect for Twins

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